Cover your gadgets

Millions of people walk around with backpacks full of laptops, cameras, phones, tablets, and other expensive gadgets. Unfortunately, carrying multiple beloved gadgets all at once often raises the risk of loss or theft. Kinsu understands your tools, toys, and perhaps income rely on consistent access to the gadgets in your life. Our mission is to provide a sense of confidence and relief for anyone carrying gadgets they’d hate to lose.

What’s a gadget?

Kinsu’s definition of gadgets includes: mobile phones, laptops, tablets, headphones, cameras, audio equipment, and any other device (apart from drones and medical equipment) you may be carrying with you or storing in your home.

What’s protected?

Kinsu can protect your gadgets from accidents involving fire, theft, loss, and water damage. This even includes when your colleague bumps into your gadget sending it crashing to the floor. Your clumsy colleague may feel embarrassed but rest assured knowing Kinsu has these accidental damages covered. We can even send you a replacement mobile phone should it be stolen or damaged beyond repair. Of course, this is subject to terms and conditions but we promise to get you sorted as soon as we can.

Travel can also bring unexpected surprises like loss or theft. That’s why Kinsu covers your gadgets even whilst traveling across the world. Taking a holiday to Barcelona? Last minute business trip to Bratislava? We’ll cover your gadgets no matter where you go.

What else do I need to know?

Kinsu cannot cover any gadgets you’ve loaned to someone else or if the gadget was left in an unlocked vehicle. It’s also wise to take note of any serial numbers and or IMEI numbers on all gadgets. But don’t worry. We’ll walk you through this when you build your quote.

As always, Kinsu promises to protect your gadgets as long as you do too. Check out our FAQ section if you’re still in search of answers.

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