Cover your bicycle

Cycling has steadily become one of London’s fastest growing means of transportation. In 2015, nearly 670,000 cycle journeys* were made every single day. With so many bicycles on the road it’s no wonder insurance is needed now more than ever. Kinsu wants to help keep your ride safe, secure, and swift.

What’s a bicycle?

Kinsu’s definition includes any two wheeled bicycle that does not use motorised machinery. Bicycles must be powered by you and you alone.

What’s protected?

Your policy will include protection from those pesky bicycle thieves as long as you use a Sold Secure approved lock when storing it in a public place (secured on an immovable object) or communal hallway. Kinsu will also cover your bicycle from home theft assuming your exterior doors have a five lever mortice deadlock and or a BS3621 standard. The same rules apply when you leave your bicycle inside of a vehicle. Just lock it up and we promise to protect it. And depending on your location, we can provide you with a replacement bicycle if you need one while your claim is in progress.

Hoping to take your bicycle on holiday? We can also cover any theft, loss, or accidental damages from airlines as long as the bicycle is stored in a bike box.

What else do I need to know?

Unfortunately, we can’t provide theft or accidental damage coverage if you decide to loan your bicycle to someone else. We’re also unable to cover accidental damage if you often perform stunts or use your bicycle for hire, reward, courier services, or the carriage of paying passengers. Therefore it should also be no surprise that we’re unable to provide any type of coverage for cyclists participating in competitive racing. Check out our FAQ section for more information on how to make a claim.

Bicycles can be expensive items to purchase and keep safe. Kinsu knows every cyclist is unique therefore policy needs may differ. As always, Kinsu promises to protect your things as long as you do too.

Source: TfL Planning, Strategic Analysis.

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