Cover all your things

Kinsu knows your home is where you eat, sleep, and enjoy things such as your collection of ceramic chickens, beloved plants, or even that piece of art you purchased years ago. We want to help you protect all your things because sometimes even the smallest items mean the most.

What’s it mean to cover all your things?

Kinsu’s definition of things includes: furniture, dishes, artwork, fashion accessories, family photos, records, books, or anything else you’d hate to lose. These things should reside in your private home, garage, or domestic outbuilding. As you can see, Kinsu’s coverage can be just as unique as you are. We won’t even ask you to list every item you own.

What’s protected?

All the things under your roof can be protected from loss, theft, and accidental damage. Really. Covering all your things automatically includes the things of anyone else living in the home. That means your family and or flatmates can benefit from Kinsu too. Or you can choose to not include their things. The choice is up to you.

What else do I need to know?

We know every home is different which is why we give you multiple options of coverage. Policies can vary depending on who you live with and where you live but we promise to never raise your premium just because you make a claim. You can check out a sample policy here. Unfortunately, we can’t offer coverage for issues such as dryness, dampness, or extremes of temperature. We see these issues as preventable instead of accidental.

As always, Kinsu promises to protect your things as long as you do too but accidents may still occur. Check out our FAQ section if you’re still in search of answers.

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